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Some highs and lows of a first season on the road.....

degsy_103degsy_103 Posts: 33
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As a newcomer, and as we head into the dark days of winter, I thought I would share some thoughts on my road experience to date.

Many, many more highs than lows, but here are a few of each……


1 : Buying a bike - ok, so only a low end Trek, but I love that bike. It has made a 40yo very happy ( and I didn’t post any ‘ What bike ?’ questions!!) In fact, I am buying a second hand Giant TCR, to use as my winter bike, and keeping my Sora clad Trek for ‘good’. Makes no sense, but just the way it is.
2 : 1500 miles so far – aiming for 2000 by year end ( since April when I got the bike). Amazing. Last year I thought I was a hero when doing 10 miles on my MTB. Quickly moved up from 20 to 30 and now 50 plus miles as a significant run.
3 : Riding in a group – Fantastic, the miles fly by
4 : My first ‘team pursuit’ – During a pee stop at a recent sportive, came out to find the group had left me. Would never have got back on the pack until 3 riders, who had also been dropped, came up behind me. What followed was my favourite 4 miles of the year, as we worked back to the pack. Felt like BW, and could not have been happier if you gave me Olympic Gold.
5 : Keeping up with the fast boys – out on my first 80 mile charity run, looked around after 20 miles to discover that we had dropped my usual cycling buddies – I was with the big boys! Nothing for it but to get the head down and go for it until refreshment stop at about 45 miles. Didn’t work much at the front, but did hang in.


1: Chavs – cannot believe how many prats there are around willing to offer their opinion on your riding/ clothing etc. Disgraced myself last week when I hurled a tirade at one 4x4 driver who had offer his considerable insight into my riding. Chased him, like I was ever going to catch him, but the red mist had descended.
2 : Chaffing – Having arrived a little late for a club run, quickly jumped on the bike and headed out without properly adjusting shorts and their contents. Note to self : take 10 seconds to make said adjustments.
3 : Clipless moments – first one was on my second club run, we were gathering in the car park waiting for the off and right in front of everyone I topple. Very embarrassed. Everyone, but everyone, came up and told me that they have all been there. Second was at a set of traffic lights, right in front of a car full of chavs – they enjoyed it so much that they actually doubled back at the next roundabout just to show their appreciation.
4 : The Knock – Have experienced this once this year, I will do everything in my power to avoid in the future – possibly the worst I have felt in the past 10 years.
5 : Experienced cyclists not obeying basic traffic laws - too many turning left on red, ignoring temporary tarffic lights at road works etc. If we expect consideration, we should show it.

I am reluctant to set myself any targets for next year – I want cycling to remain a pleasure rather than a chore. But deep down, deep deep down, I want to try a TT – just to say that I have done it.


  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Degsy - you have had a great year - I liked #4 (highs), a great feeling. Sounds like you are well and truly hooked!
  • Thanks for this Degsy - I'm really glad you're enjoying life as a roadie! Good luck with the TT - no probs if you're going to keep up the cycling through the winter!
  • jswbajswba Posts: 491
    Good effort, fella!
  • The whole team TT is so much fun. Earlier on this year while riding with a group, I got stuck behind a slow rider and a car trying (and succeding it seemed) not to overtake. Me and another rider squezed past and TT'd after the group, holding 32mph :!:

    Give it me with tarmac and lrycra!!!
    jedster wrote:
    Just off to contemplate my own mortality and inevitable descent into decrepedness.
    FCN 3 or 4 on road depending on clothing
    FCN 8 off road because I'm too old to go racing around.
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