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Sorry about this, i have used the search and cant find anything or am just using it wrong (probably the latter). I thought i had my mind made up and was going to get this: ... e-ec001382

However i have been browsing and came across this: ... 8&P_ID=581

I cant see much difference in the spec and the Spesh is reduced by £300, does anyone have any experience or know anything about the Orbea that could help me decide.

Thanks again, this forum is a massive help.



  • Personally I'd go for the Specialized, they've been very well recommended on this website and all feedback has been good feedback. Looks nice too.
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    Are either of the suppliers local to you? There are bound to be things that you will need to contact the seller about - it is much easier done face to face. I will generally pay 5-10% more at my LBS for the excellent service they give. Quality advice, trying things out (every jacket in the place several times :oops: ) and no probs with returns.
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    At that price I wouldn't buy either just based on catalogue pics, you really need to see them in the metal.

    Both look nice though, but the Spesh just edges it!
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  • Thanks for the advice :D

    I can travel to both shops so will probably give both a try, although i think i am leaning more towards the Spesh.

    Thanks again.
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    I have seen a couple of Orbea bikes in the metal. They are absolutely beautiful bikes, built in the Basque region in Spain and handpainted.

    The spesh bikes are all good and mass produced - mass produced means that every man and his dog has got one but it also means that they go through a stringent quality control process. Spesh make good bikes and they are popular for a reason.

    Personally, I have my eye on an Orbea bike, but I have a thing about different bikes (plus I already have a bike so i'm in no rush). My advice would be to go and check them out, get properly sized and see which one you prefer.

    Good luck, let us know which one you go for :)
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    By the way - just to throw a spanner in the works - Epic Cycles in Birmingham have an excellent fitting service and they do the Orbea range, the Bira is down to £1099 on there site, the Vuelta is £999...
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    I don't have any advise on the Spec' but I can certainly vouch for the Orbea. I own an Onix Bira and I can only say good things about it. I test rode several different bikes(Trek 1.7, Van Nicolas Vadar, Bianchi C2C and Pinarello FP1) but the Orbea suited me perfectly. Its relatively comfortable, damping out a fair amount of road buzz but still stiff and responsive enough to cut it with other race bikes. The main attraction is its hill climbing ability(not that I have many to choose from around here!) it leaps up them like a mountain goat, thanks I think to its tight and stiff rear triangle. My bike is equiped with a compact chainset but to be honest its undergeared for around here and I will soon fit a 36 tooth inner ring. Its also got WHR550 wheels which I think are lighter than the 500's fitted as standard. As others have said it looks a million dollars and as its rarer than most makes it gives off an air of exclusivity. Get a test ride if you can before you buy, but I bet once ridden you will buy!
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    Not sure you could describe Epic as being in Birmingham as they are in deepest worcestershire near Tenbury Wells.

    Very nice shop though and worth a trip out into the country side, but just be aware it's probably at least an hour from brum!
  • Not sure about Orbea bikes (although that Bira looks great for £1099), but I can vouch for Epic though, I got my Wilier from them and Chris (the shop manager) spent several hours with me doing my fitting and discussing component options, I was also able to take one of their test rigs for a comprehensive test ride, excellent shop well worth the trip from West London.
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    +1 for Epic. Picked my Racelight TK up from them yesterday. On my first visit I already knew more or less what I wanted, but Chris still spent two and a half hours with me talking about my kind of riding, component choice, doing the fitting, sorting the test ride etc.

    Marvellous service and well worth the slight detour from East Anglia.
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    pedlad wrote:
    Not sure you could describe Epic as being in Birmingham as they are in deepest worcestershire near Tenbury Wells.

    Very nice shop though and worth a trip out into the country side, but just be aware it's probably at least an hour from brum!

    Yeah sorry, you're right, my friend bought a bike from there and had a fitting and an excellent service all round. He lives in London so we were discussing where it is - somehow Birmingham came into the conversation.

    He was very pleased with the service and said it was well worth the long trip. He bought a Bianchi Nirone.
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    I would get the Orbea, they are all hand painted and built in Spain. Have a look at their videos of their website.

    The Olympic Road Champion was using an Orbea! 8)
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  • If you go to Epic you'll just end up wanting a Wilier. They have the lovely Wilier Mortirolo Mirage 2008 for £999 at the mo and Wilier make fantastic bikes/ The Mortirolo is a top frame and very upgradeable - personally that'd be my choice with the Orbea coming in second.
  • Epic sounds like the place to go and have a look, the only problem is i live in Edinburgh. :(
    I would need to use the bike money just for fuel to get there. Although you are right about the Wilier, that is beautiful. Any dealers in Scotland?

    Anyone from the Edinburh area know any good LBS that i could pay a visit.
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    Edinburgh Bikes are selling the following: ... 155c002912

    But, personally I would go over to Rosyth and look at the Orbea, He also sells Planet X and Giant. I think supporting a small LBS over a large chain is preferable. In addition, you are getting a more distinctive bike with the Orbea. The Specialized is good, but they are everywhere.