Hand stil numb a week after ride

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Hi all:

I am in my first season of riding, and loving it! Unfortunately I seem to have developed numbness and weakness in my right hand which hasn't gone away - and it's been over a week since I rode.

It happened during my first century - at 67 miles I could no longer shift with my right hand. I had to quit the ride, but assumed I would get the feeling back. Although there has been some improvement, 8 days later I still find that writing is difficult and turning a key in a lock or ignition is nearly impossible.

I have read all about Cyclists' Palsy, but the articles don't seem to indicate a lasting effect. Has anyone ever experienced this to such an extent? For years I have had two "squished" disks in my neck and wonder if I've now got a pinched nerve...

Any advice appreciated. (I suppose the prudent thing would be to go to the doctor. ugh.)


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    Doctor yes!

    Were you wearing any gloves though? They usually have gel pads for that exact reason.

    I find also that on a longer ride if I keep my hands in the one position I'll go numb after a while, so I try to move them around a bit. With traditional road bike drop bars numerous positions for the hands, try and use them all.

    If that doesn't help maybe you need something else done to your bars or riding position.
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  • I was wearing gel gloves, although I usually don't wear gloves.

    Also, I make a point to change my hand position often. But I almost never use the drops, as they feel too far away. This may be a clue, eh?

    Well - I guess it's time to make a doctor's appt. dang.
  • Definately see your doctor. Do you get pins and needles in your hand?
  • Pins and needles, um, more like a tingling. Very mild, but seemingly here to stay along with the weakness and numbness.
  • Sounds a bit like what I had. I had pins and needles or a tingling down my arm along with a numbness, after doing a scan they found nothing, no trapped nerve, but they reckoned I had strained a nerve rather then having a trapped nerve. Mine got better after about a year and a half. So if it's a strained nerve then don't expect it to get better any time soon, but it will get better over time.

    That's assuming it is a strained nerve, I can only go by my experience.
  • A year and a half! eegads. Did you keep riding or wait it out?

    I have an appointment with my doctor in three weeks. May go to the walk-in just to see someone sooner.

    Your photos are beautiful, by the way.
  • That was before I got back in to cycling, I don't know what I would have done though if I was cycling then. Do you have the numbness all the time or does it come and go? With me, I had it most of the time but not all the time, if I dangled my arm or tried to reach out then it would go numb and the pain was pretty bad, but if I lifted my arm up towards my chest and held it there then the numbness would go and the pain would ease and as long as I held it there it would be alright.
  • How come you have to wait so long to see a doctor? :?
  • Not nearly enough time to talk about the medical system in the US! If I want to see my doctor - I have to wait. If I'm willing to see whomever happens to be working the urgent care office I could walk in tomorrow. I'm actually lucky compared to some folks I know whose only choice is the ER.

    Anyway - I don't have pain to speak of, otherwise I'd probably be on my way in. Yours sounds like it was much more intense than what I'm having.
  • I didn't know you were in the US, we're lucky over here that we have the NHS, even if does seem slow at times.