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1000 Lumen Cree LED Lights for £45 - too good to be true???

kitebitskitebits Posts: 20
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Ok, apart from the obvious mounting issues (i think i have sourced a bar and helmet mount that will fit the 30mm barrel of the handle) can anyone see any issues using this as an off road light? Ok the beam pattern might not be perfect and the run time a bit low (i got it at 1.8 hours with 2 x 2.4ah batteries) but the batteries are really cheap and easy to slip in and out. I may even look at making up a pack and remote mounting them in my camelback.

Cany anyone see any other isuses with this torch as a bike light for off road use? It uses 5 x 1w cree leds (up there with the latest technology led). Its made from aluminium (strong and light). Its waterproof. Am i overlooking something as if not im going to buy one and do a report on how it performs against my mates lights - Niterider Firestorm, Lupine Wilma (4 i think) and light and motion Solo.


  • Not seen this one but I recently bought 2 Cree Q5 torches from Deal Extreme which look like they are made by the same company. Mine are anodised Al much the same as maglites. They have o ring seals on all joints but I have also smeered the threads with vaserline. I'm very impressed with the build quality. My only reservation is the glass front element is not sealed. When you dismantal the front section the glass is lose which could allow some water in if you where cycling in a deluge. Otherwise performance is excellent. Shipping looks a bit toppy thou...
  • i thought that about the shipping but i cant find the 5 led version anywhere for less with 1000 lumens. are yours the 5,4,3 or 2 led version?? Are they bright enough for off road? How have you mounted them on the bike / helmet?
  • DazzzaDazzza Posts: 2,364
    Half that lumen figure and you would be a bit closer, anyway this is the new kid on the block the romisen t6. ;)

    But i can imagine the spread would be a pain for biking with not to mention the size, i have an mte ssc c bin p7, c bin being the brightest p7 they make and it's great, runs at full power for about an hour on protected ultrafire 18650 li-ion batteries.

    Aah here we go.

    Stick with the reviews and you won't go far wrong as some bits can be too cheap. ;)

    Oh and always use protected batteries, ultrafire are pretty much the best and a decent charger again ultrafire as it keeps an eye on voltages otherwise you can end up blowing em up. ;)
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