First time with aTrack Pump??

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Ok then this should give you all a laugh on a Monday morning,

A guy at work told me not to leave my tyres pumped up after a ride so I went out in the SUN? on Saturday it was lovely did twenty miles got home and let some air out of my tyres.

Sunday I thought I would pop out for a spin so get the track pump out, Finally worked out what I should be doing but how on earth are you meant to get up to the pressure?

Its only a cheap Aldi pump but the tyres say they can go to 125 I could only get 90 in the back then it blows off the valve and 100 in the front.

Both tyres feel solid but I couldnt get over the effort it took getting the air in. Is it always like this or is it down to the cheap pump?

Cheers all Judokev


  • Presta valves?

    Not an uncommon experience. While I don't know that particular pump, see if there is a way to make the rubber grommet hold onto the valve tighter. It may have a way to squeeze the grommet tighter by screwing the chuck a bit tighter, or a lever that you turn after placing it over the valve which holds it onto the valve tightly.

    Otherwise you may need to hold it there with one hand and pump with the other.

    Or get a decent pump chuck to replace whatever you've got on there. Something like this:

    or this:
  • The other possibility with presta valves is the valve barrell can sometimes get stuck, so before inflating, and after you have unscrewed it to allow inflation, give it a quick press in as if you were deflating the tyre to make sure it isn't stuck in the sealed position. Otherwise all you are pumping up is the pump hose and that'll cause it to blow off the valve very quickly.

    As for letting air out?
    Completely unnecessary unless you expect to leave your wheels in a very hot environment, like a parked car on a hot Aussie summer day.
  • Cheers Alex,

    I tried pumping with one hand but was getting nowhere fast, it was taking both hands and my chest to get to the pressure I got, but then the pump is very cheap. Bought a little tool kit for on the bike and wall mounted bike rack and at a fiver it was worth a look.

    I will do a search and see what sort of pumps people are using.
    I did think it sounded odd to let air out once you have been out for a ride but at least it made me use my pump.


    Judo kev
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    I've seen a few people let the air out their tyres after a ride so I don't think it's that silly.

    Assuming they are presta valves - when you un-twizzle the end bit, push in the valve to check that air is moving freely before you start pumping, otherwise it can be a workout in itself to get the air in.

    EDIT: Sorry - just noticed that this advice had already been given further up.