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Nissan X-Trail 2.2 dci

rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
edited September 2008 in The Crudcatcher
Anyone own one? I've just bought a 2004 SVE model, with only 26k on the clock.

But it has a slightly slipping clutch, which is unusal at that low mileage.

Also I have read horro stories about Turbo/intercooler, fuel suply problems.
The car is fantastic, but I'm just worried that these problems could hit me!

Anyone had these problems?


  • willy bwilly b Posts: 4,125
    Sorry i can't adivise, but i get yourself over to a nissan Forum:
    2nd looks the best...
  • gazvenngazvenn Posts: 121
    if the clutch is playing up and you've only just got it, did you get it from a dealer or a real person, as surely you'd get some form of warranty with a dealer to get them to take a look at it. had a problem when i got my focus couple years ago and the clutch pretty much died from it being owned by a bit of a boy racer before me and got it sorted under the warranty
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Rowlers - we hired on - top notch one with leather and sat nav (got upgraded!) - really liked it.

    Shame it's out of warranty - Nissans are usually very good though. I'd main dealer it. Our car is just out of warrany so i paid a bit for an extended one with Warranty Direct - might be worth it and stuff that breaks down on powerful diesels is expensive (we had engine failure at 38k miles on our 150bhp diesel - would have probably cost about £2k to fix had it not still been covered!!).
  • rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
    thanks for the replies chaps, clutch is slipping, so I'll have to get that done, but the supplying garage can sort that out, I've only had it 3 days!

    It is a great car though, always wanted one!
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