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Anyone here got a.....

alwaysOTBalwaysOTB Posts: 151
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....Planet X Superlight Team Aloy?

I am thinking of buying one and after c+ annoyingly didn't review it I would like some of you guys opinions. So, if you own one, what do you think, and if you don't mind, some pics please!



  • Bar.Bar. Posts: 41
    always, I share your frustration as I am also interested in either this or a Giant SCR and I posted an enquiry here.
    However, if you move on over to the Road Race forum I received valuable advice from andylav who had owned and ridden both bikes.
    You can find it here:
    From his experiences it sounds good, but the misaligned bottle cage mounts is a strange oversight.[/url]
  • Hi Always and Bar,
    I've had one for a couple of years and am very happy with it! This was an £875 package with mostly Ultegra Groupset and Reynolds wheeks
    Don't have any pics but will try to get some up tonight.
    Have since upgraded various bits.
    Did you have anything in particluar you needed to know?
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  • oops

    wheeks? meant wheels
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  • Bar.Bar. Posts: 41
    Hi Ronio,

    Do you use yours all-year round? Mine, if I got one, would be my do-everything road bike with the mountainbike reserved for byway thrashing.
    I know from andylav that it doesn't take mudguards and so wondered if the standard spec. (shimano 105, planet-x bits and pieces inc. wheels would make it a comfortable and fast ride?
    I'm still awaiting the resolution of a funding issue and so knowing my luck the deal (£699) will have passed and likewise all the cheap Giants, but if I get less money than expected or have doubts may well plump for a Giant.
  • I have been using all year including the last two winters. Put on race blades in the wet and for the worst of the winter. Quick wash and lube after any wet ride has kept things going. Only had to replace chain, cassette, BB and headset through general wear and tear.

    I don't race, but find it a fast and responsive yet comfortable ride. Have completed several century rides on it without discomfort. Though I think changing the saddle may have been the reason. IMO it's a great alrounder, much more comfortable to other alloy frames I've ridden. Looks good too and don't see many around like Giant, Specialized and Treks.
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  • Bar.Bar. Posts: 41
    Hi Ronio,

    Thanks for that.
    It all sounds very reassuring to me, and it is certainly in my top two pending funds. I agree also that it has that factor of being something a bit different. Round my way, when I'm stamping and willing my MTB into something approaching speed, it is always Cannondales and Bianchis I see,though most of the local shops are Specialized and Giant oriented.
    I'm glad to be able to put the Planet-X in the mix, and who knows? If I can actually get one, maybe I'll be turning other rider's heads instead of me doing the rubbernecking.
  • Nothing particular Ronio, thoguh some pictures would help me make up my mind if its okay..........

    Sounds like I am going through exactly the same as you Bar. It's so hard to make up my mind!
  • Bar.Bar. Posts: 41
    Hi always,

    Sure is!

    I think that in the end finances will dictate my choice, but even that doesn't help as there's a healthy choice between £600-700. there are makes that I have an irrational and totally unfounded dislike for - well lack of desire to own might be more accurate - but there are still a good few choices out there.
    Let us know what you get.
  • Evening,
    Not very good at adding the photos to the post. Still working on it.
    Here's a link to the album with a few photos taken this evening
    The frame is compact geometry, the back wheel is lifted by about an inch on the stand

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  • I've got a superlight team too! It's an ultegra build with a set of lovely blue velocity nuvians. It's a great bike. I wouldn't get too hung up on the harsh ride aluminium chat. I've ridden all frame materials except bamboo and magnesium, and you get used to it. Time in the saddle, tyre pressures, decent shorts, and fitness are far more important imho. For the price at the time I couldn't find anything to touch it. It's comfortable and climbs like a beast, or I do.

    That said, at the moment there's some nice machinery reduced in the shops. Dare I say look at Evans arrgh. Always good for an end of season bargain if you're quick.

    If you're using it all year round race blades can be a bit of a pain in the censored , although better than nothing. I think Trek series 1 frames have mudguard mounts..... worth considering.
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  • Wow - it looks even better in your photos IMO Ronio than on the planet x website. They dont seem to have much on their superlight team, it seems to be all centered on the pro carbon - probably fair enough really given tey'll sell more of it.

    Dont suppose I could trouble you for some photos Richard? I would be using it year round, but since I can only afford one bike and have a view to hopefully racing some time, almost any bike I buy will have raceblades.

    I've now narrowed it down to the superlight team or something secondhand - just missed a trek 1500 on the bay yesterday, still went for a bargain price :(
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