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Decathlon B'Twin Sport 3

S2driverukS2driveruk Posts: 34
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Hi, first post so a newbie on the forum and to road biking.

I'm looking for a decent first bike for around £500 and on the face of it I cannot see why this one should be ignored:

headline items:
carbon fork and rear stays
30spd campag mirage/race kit
Look keo clips

Anyone with experience of it or others in that bracket care to comment on which really are bargains for kit level and weight etc?

It is going to be used on an alpine climb next summer in the alps so needs to reasonably durable and lightweight.....unfortunately as yet, I'm neither :lol:




  • guineaguinea Posts: 1,177
    I bought one of these for the missus as a birthday present.

    Very nice bike. I haven't ridden it as it's a bit small for me, but she loves it.

    For the price it's hard to beat the spec. One critisism though. Hers came without rear rim tape. After I noticed this I went to Decathlon and got a replacement tube and some tape free of charge.

    I also got 5% off the price of the bike, so haggle. Find a scratch on it somewhere and complain.
  • thanks for that, am struggling to find anything else with the similar level of spec really, so easy to let the budget creep into 4 figures when buying something at £500!

    Will definately haggle if there is an opportunity - thanks for the info!

  • Really struggling here to find something that will compete, as 500 squids for a Mirage equipped bike is a tease... Providing the frame is up to the job! ... m153.l1262 (£585; wheels should be better than Sport 3) ... m153.l1262 (£565; as above but with Khamsim instead of Mirage/Open Sport wheels) (£499; Winter training/audax)
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