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Any one going to Cycle 08 ( or gone in the past)

DamnedtohellDamnedtohell Posts: 17
edited September 2008 in Road beginners
Just had this come up on Facebook and wondered if any one has any experance of the show?

Dont think I would bother to travel if its going to be dull or little more then a display of expensive bikes. Was thnking of taking my 9 yr old with me.

Any comments?


  • Hi ,I went to the show at docklands it was not what i expected and i would not go again,
    may bee it was just a bad show, me and mate walked around it in about half a hour and said is that it , went to a show few years back and it was good so maybee it was just a bad show ? (aged 40 )

    Bill :wink:
  • hammeritehammerite Posts: 3,408
    I went last year, it is a lot of looking at expensive bikes, expensive componentry, and gadgets/accessories to make you think..... "what the hell is that for?"

    Not usually my thing but there was a decent trials competition going on which kept our little one amused for quite a while, and you can try out some bikes on test tracks (not usually road bikes).

    Disappointingly there were very few opportunities to buy stuff (only one retail area) and very few free goodies being given out.

    Worth going to if you are reasonably local or have nothing better to do...... this years clashes with my local beer festival, so I doubt I'll be going!
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Deffo be going, enjoy it every year and i do want to see the new Colnagos!! :lol:
  • richaricha Posts: 1,634
    hammerite wrote:
    Disappointingly there were very few opportunities to buy stuff (only one retail area)
    Anyone know why?

    This is the clincher in me giving it a miss this year.
  • Hi

    perhaps something to do with it being a trade show. Whilst there's a few shops there (Sigma & Condor being examples) most of it is brands exhibiting previews of their next year ranges.

    I guess it's like going to the motor show and expecting to drive away a car.

    Plus, from other shows I've seen where retailing is allowed it has been known to turn into a bit of a jumble sale with people trying to offload old stock, which is probably not the image the organisers are looking to create!
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