fixed chains

Mark Alexander
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How often do you break a chain on a fixed. A friend keeps asking me have I broken it?
is it very common with a fixed?

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  • I haven't as yet, touch wood. But all my bikes are meticulously stop laughing
  • Aidy40
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    l have never broken a fixed chain in 4 years, but i do use 1 /8 chains...
    Aidan Searle
  • Never broke a chain riding fixed, but I have snapped a bottom bracket axle (or are they called spindles?) I then discovered it is possible to ride fixed with one leg (slowly)
  • You're quite unlikely to brake an chain that isn't worn to death on a fixie as there are no lateral forces on the chain, and generally you aren't strong enough to break one!

    I use connex wipermann z1star ss singlespeed chains on two of my ss bikes and a half link on my jump bike. Haven't come close to snapping one yet.