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4 MTB's - which is best spec and value for money ?

hodgey68hodgey68 Posts: 81
edited September 2008 in MTB buying advice
i have narrowed my long list down to 4 MTB's now after alot of trawling through reveiws etc... the bikes i have narrowed down to are :

Specialized Rockhopper Disc 08
GT Avalanche 1 Disc 08
Commencal Combi disc 08
Cube Acid 08 (this ones a bit over budget but if you guys reckon its better than the rest i might have to dig deeper to get one !)

so of the above which will serve me best as a good all rounder for beginner like me

thanks for input in advance :D


  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    4 decent bikes, not much in it i woudlnt ahve thought. Try them all and see which feels the best. I've just gone for the Cube Acid, but cant get my hands on until the end of the month
    2014 Whyte T-129S
  • you can take the acid cube out of the 4 bikes as stock is low and they are hard to get hold of in the large frame. and the commenical seems okay but i cannot get anywere near me were i could sit on one so i would be buying blind and i dont think the spec is as good as the avalanche or the rockhopper.

    i am set my sights on avalanche 1 disc yesterday after sitting on one but in the next shop i went to i saw the rockhopper disc in red and it looked fantastic and felt good too £50 difference in the 2 bikes is the extra £50 worth it spec and lastability wise ?

    so were down to 2 now, which will it be ??????
  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    dont think you can go far wrong with a rockhopper
    2014 Whyte T-129S
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