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What food to take on a long ride

bryan71bryan71 Posts: 89
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I am joining a club soon.And i will be going on long rides unsure what snacks to take.I can not have any thing with gluten in it.So bread is out.And worried about gel bars.Had thought about protein bars as they could fill me up.Or hand full of dried fruit


  • I take Nutri Grain bars. Not sure if it's bread that's on them but they do the trick for me on rides.
  • No i can't have them they have flour in them.
  • I've noticed a lot of people on here say they take banana's with them. Try that.
  • Thanks mate i will try them.Heard about the sis gel bars
  • doyler78doyler78 Posts: 1,951
    bryan71 wrote:
    Thanks mate i will try them.Heard about the sis gel bars

    They are seriously sweet but thankfully you can get them down very quickly but still I try to avoid if I can.

    I love cliff bars and I just checked out the carrot cake ones I have and they have no gluten in them that I can see or at least the bottom of the pack states:

    "Contains Soy, Seeds, Nuts and Barley. May contain traces of milk and peanuts.

    They give you 259 cals per bar and along with an energy drink you can nibble away at them.

    Flap jacks are also good and can be easily made if you can be bothered.

    I love fig rolls & jaffa cakes as well but they wouldn't be suitable for you.
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