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Hi Peeps,
I am a newbie to road biking, being mainly a Mountain biker.
I have just bought an old Dawes Ultra road bike and i'd like to join a cycling club, as the Hubby won't road ride and i don't want to go out alone, but i am worried about being laughed at as my bike is old..possibly a 90's model :oops: .
Should i go ahead and meet a few people or just hide and hack it alone in shame?
Many Thanks, Caz xxxx


  • Doobz
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    hey dont worry - "Real" cyclists don't care what bike you ride - If anything they will respect you for riding a decent old bike and it still being in good nick..
  • Get out and meet people! No doubt you might meet folk on the roads anyways..
    I'm just new to road cycling (3 weeks) and tonight was the first time i've had a chat with another cyclist, passed plenty going the other way, but by luck came across a chap on a really old looking bike going in the same direction..

    The guy couldn't have been nicer and even complimented my 'new' bike, so i don't really think it matters what bike you are on, soon enough i'll probably be on a poorer bike when the winter kicks in properly..

  • whyamihere
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    Don't worry, most of the bikes I've seen under roadies around Blackburn have been pretty old. ;)
  • Thanks Peeps..i might pop over to my local club on Sat to have a look see at them and have a natter :D.

    I have noticed a come when you are into things you start to notice them everywhere lol.
    Itake it you know Blackburn then :D
    Caz xxxx
  • whyamihere
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    I split my time between Blackburn and Birmingham, though don't often bring my bike up because I'm too soft for the hills. :D
  • Pah hills :('s my dream toactually ride over Waddintgon Fell before next year without passing out :lol:
    Caz xxxx
  • Here's a couple of pics of the old beast (scuse mess..i'm in the prosess of repacking some motorcycle exhaust pipes and it's taking over my kitchen :lol:)
  • I've just started riding and i live in blackburn.Seen people on bikes much older than yours.And i am just about to join a club as well in blackburn