Night time signalling

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Anyone had any experience of these? Do you think they are worth getting?

It's just that I find it quite difficult to signal when I'm going for it and on the drops. :oops:

Your comments would be appreciated.



  • The problem I have is that you'll look less like a cyclist and more like a motorcyclist to drivers. This may change the way they expect you to behave and therefore put you at unintended risk.

    As the Cyclecraft manual puts it so well, it's not just about being conspicuous, it's about perspicacity. It's the same discussion about having more than one set of lights on the bike causing confusion for car drivers.
  • This was meant to be a light hearted post to entice some sarcastic comments.

    Looks like I failed............ :cry:
  • Hey yackers1: I want the bike in the picture! That looks amazing. Is it yours?
    (Oh god sorry, didn't mean to insult. It looks a proper piece of halfords crap! :lol:)
    And the lights :shock: Sorry, I don't want to ride an electric bike, or look like I do.

    Mind you synchronicity: I like the stobe lights in the jacket. That is such a good idea. Bit worried that I'd end up having strobe lights under the down tube though...

    p.s. yackers1: I'm going to be in Norwich next weekend (friday - monday). Do you fancy a ride? I'm good doing whatever milage you fancy...
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