Giant SCR 1.5/1 or Planet-X SL Team 'clubman'?

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I have finally tired of haring around the roads on my mountain bike and, subject to tripping over a few funding hurdles, hope to get myself a road bike before the year's end.

I'm keeping the mountain bike for byways and bridleways and whatnot, but I mainly cycle on quiet country b-roads as fast as my legs will go. I may end up commuting in the future and would like to take part in some TTs and a triathlon if I join a local club next year, but long-ish solo rides will be my main biking.

I sat on a SCR 1.5 last weekend and liked it (stop sniggering!) and can try one properly when the funds are sorted, but wouldn't be able to try the Planet-X. I want a comfortable but fast steed for all-year riding hence the above 3 bikes. The SCR 1 and Clubman have similar spec. but the 1.5 better suits my likely budget. Can't find any Clubman reviews, but have seen on here and elsewhere that Planet-X have a very good rep.

Any ideas re the above three bikes and suitability for my needs?



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    All-year riding would, I suggest, include mudguards. The SCRs will take them but will the Clubman? I don't think the SCR 1 is worth the extra over the 1.5 but it's your money. In the end the bike that's best for you is the one you like the best. If the <insert model here> lights your fire then that's the one to buy. You can always change it next year ;-)

    Oh, and SCRs are old stock (2009 bikes are out now) so there may be some haggle room/discount. It's worth a try.
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    I got a SCR 1 for £600 when the new years stock was just coming out. well worth looking around.
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    Cheers guys.

    The Clubman won't take mudguards but will take raceguards if they are any good?
    I think you're right in that my subjective feeling when I have a proper try will be key. And as I already liked the Giant and will be pleased to be on a road bike in any case, then either choice will be right.
    I hope to scout out three bike shops that are in a row geographically speaking when I have the money, and in doing so may expose myself to Schill, Scott, Bianchi, Felt, Trek and Specialized as well as the aforementioned Giant. Perhaps I'll have my head turned?
    However the practical nature of the Giant and, as said, the current deals on offer make it joint favourite still.