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Thought i'd find out what sort of clothing makes and models you all go for.
shorts, jerseys, shoes.

Also what are your opinions on the makes that are out there? Any particular awful/amazing ones? Cheers


  • DW01DW01 Posts: 66
    oh and helmets in particular as i need a new one :D
  • I wear nalini bib shorts, I have specialized road shoes (which I am yet to use as I don't have the pedals at the moment) and any jersey I can get my hands on. Most of the stuff I have has been given to me, rather than me buying it and choosing myself. I have a Met stradivarius II helmet but I'm not sure they are available anymore. All my kit is fine for me, just need pedals.
  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Assos shorts/tights/jackets
    Nice looking jerseys from any brand when I see them
    Northwave shoes
    Catlike helmets
    I like bikes...

  • fto-sifto-si Posts: 402
    Assos Jerseys/Bibshorts
    Sidi Shoes
    Giro Helmet
  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    Specialized Shoes
    Team Jerseys (Nalini I like!)
    Catlike Helmets
    Commuting / Winter rides - Jamis Renegade Expert
    Pootling / Offroad - All-City Macho Man Disc
    Fast rides Cannondale SuperSix Ultegra
  • Northwave shoes and Jerseys.
    DHB for baselayers, Jerseys and other bits.
    Giro Helmet. (Still in box from when I bought it 4 months ago...)
  • Giro Helmet. (Still in box from when I bought it 4 months ago...)
    Blimey! That must look a bit funny on the road!

    If you're thinking about starting to spend money on clothes my advice is to initially prioritise your contact points - so, hands, censored and feet. money on good gloves, shorts shoes and socks is never wasted.

    Then, get a good *cycling specific* waterproof and think about a good jersey or two.

    Gilets, knee warmers and arm warmers are great since they aren't too expensive and make a few well chosen pairs of shorts and jerseys much more adaptable.
  • Helmet - Met Stradivarius 199 (didnt pay anything like full price)
    Shoes - Spesh Comp
    Shorts (bibs) - Castelli

    Im going to buy some Assos Winter gear. The theory* is that if I spend £240+ on a pair of bib tights and jacket Im going to ride the bike a bit more than I did last winter.

    *Someone else must have tried this, does it work :oops: ?
  • agnelloagnello Posts: 239
    Specialized shoes (S works road actually make you faster!)
    No brand loyalty concerning jerseys and shorts (Assos good shorts but pricey)
    Giro helmets: had a pneumo now an assos - both of which I'd recommend

    Gore waterproof

    Endura stuff (humvee shorts with removeable inserts) for off-road and commuting/round town/pub based bike activities
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  • Im going to buy some Assos Winter gear. The theory* is that if I spend £240+ on a pair of bib tights and jacket Im going to ride the bike a bit more than I did last winter.

    *Someone else must have tried this, does it work :oops: ?
    No. You worry about getting your nice, new, expensive gear dirty and wet. :)

    I'm not normally patriotic but I like Lusso, Endura and Altura gear. All generally fairly reasonably priced. However, Lusso doesn't seem to be very widely distributed and I find Altura gear tends to be a bit short in the arms (a real bug-bear of mine, particularly for cycling tops when you're stretched forward :evil: ).

    Got a nice Briko top this summer at half-price - wouldn't have considered it at full price.
    And recently bought a Descente l/s top which looks very good quality.

    Road shoes are Specialized, but old (I can feel a purchase coming on...). Two pairs of Nike SPD shoes which I find to be very comfortable.

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  • Shoes = Specialized
    Shorts = Castelli
    Jersey = Castelli
    Jacket = Castelli/Montane
    Tights = Castelli
    Gloves = Castelli*
    Helmet = When I wear one it's a Bell Sweep R
    Socks = Castelli/Prendas
    Undervest = Prendas

    *There's a pattern emerging here
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  • Helmet - Giro
    Bibs - dhb/Descent
    shorts - dhb/protective
    jersey - dhb/Gill/Specialized
    Gloves - Specialized
    Shoes - dhb for road and specialized for commuting
    Baselayer - dhb/Helly hansen
    Jacket - protective

    Not any brand preference, mostly down to budget. Or gifts.
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  • DonDaddyDDonDaddyD Posts: 12,689
    Speg and cycle clothing uk clothing.

    Preferably Speg. I paid £32 for a Northwave jersey and £9.99 for a Speg jersey, I prefer the Speg. Given the quality of their product the price is ridiculously cheap. Couldn't recommend them more if I tried.

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  • I've just started road cycling and kitted myself out over the last month or so in anticipation of finally getting the bike, which arrived yesterday.

    Have to admit, I went a bit "daft" with the Switch card on the Probike Kit website ( much to wife's annoyance :lol: ).

    I know some roadies frown on wearing team kit, but I liked the look of the Caisse d'Epargne stuff, so bought a load of that, jersey, bib shorts etc.

    The Probike Kit stuff is good value too, so I blagged a pair of shorts and a Winter jacket from the site as well as a jersey, bib shorts and tights from one of the forum members here. 8)

    When I picked up the bike yesterday, I bought a Giro Monza 08 skid lid, pair of Edinburgh Bike Co-op blade glasses and a pair of Shimano RO-99 shoes to pair up with the Ultegra SPD-SL's on the bike, got these and the pedals as a "bundle" offer from the LBS where I got me FP1.

    Don't really care what I look like on the road to other roadies, can't stand snobbery and I really don't see why there should be a "code" you have to confirm to as far as kit on a bike goes. Being a motorcyclist for many years, I know Harley riders seem to look down on anything that does't tick over like a tractor ( and go like one....LMAO!!! ) and a lot of BMW riders are slightly aloof in attitude to other riders, so I'm used to it.

    Plus, I can pretend I'm Valverde on the way to work in the morning!!!! :D
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  • I ride mostly Specialized stuff cos it works and cos I worked for a spech dealer...
    Spech 2-D helmet
    Spech Red Team Race top + shorts (dry/summer)
    Spech Black Race top + shorts (wet/winter/under nike trousers)
    Spech arm warmersOrange overshoe covers - Only way to keep toes warm in winter, or dry as well.
    Nike Winter/Wet Bib Trousers - Hot, but ideal for winter rides. No zip which makes wee breaks more difficult than they need to be.
    Altura Wind/waterproof jacket - Highly recommended. Windproof, more showerproof than waterproof, but it packs into a pocket really well for an emergency, and its really visable.

    For value you can't beat Aldi's and some of the DHB stuff is fantastic too.
    I recomend spending good money on clothes. Sore feet or bum, cold or numb toes or fingers mean you not going to wanna ride.
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    FCN 3 or 4 on road depending on clothing
    FCN 8 off road because I'm too old to go racing around.
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