slime in the tyres any good?

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assuming you have a valve with a removable core so you can get the stuff in, is it a good idea to slime a tube? guess it could have an effect on rolling resistance or something?


  • I used slime on my commuting bike for years. It certainly works - when my tubes/tyres finally gave up the ghost, the tube would be spotty from the old punctures and a couple of times I had a big blowout, pumped it back up and it held.

    So if you'd posted in the commuting forum I'd say go for it.

    But you've posted in Road...If you care at all about how fast you're gonna go, then I'd get some decent tyres instead. I don't know about rolling resistance (how many of the people on here who discuss it really do?!) but I do know that the slime is heavy. Certainly heavier than any of the tyres you'd consider ( other people can recommend better than me)
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    thanks avoidingmyphd (gave up on mine in the end :twisted: ) thought there must be a reason why people dont seem to use it more.
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    I don't like the idea.

    It apparently pools in your tyre making it unbalanced initially, it can (allegedly) stick the tube to the tyre when it leaks out, it conceals a puncture that may fail at a later date (I would rather know when I have had a puncture), the tube may not be easy to repair conventionally when that happens.

    I prefer to use puncture resistant tyres - Schwalbe Marathons on my tourer, Specialised all conditions Pro's on my road bike - not one puncture since I fitted them (at the right inflation pressure), about 10000 miles.

    By the way, Conti tyres offer a puncture guarantee, the tyres punctured frequently when I tried them (Contact Sports), but if you can be ars*d to take the tyre and tube back to the shop they will replace it (within a year), more hassle than they are worth! A guarantee rather than actual puncture resistance.
  • Buying slime inners was definitely a decision I regretted. Not only did it puncture right on cue after only a few weeks of riding, but when I came to repair the tube there was loads of green goo coming out of the whole. Not only did this make me look like an idiot but it was messy and made the job a lot more difficult.