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I have a Specialised Allez Elite which has Zertz inserts in the front forks. On closer examination, the inserts appear to stick out proud of the forks. Can anyone tell me if this correct or if I have a fault?


  • fto-si
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    I have a Roubaix and the inserts do stick out slightly proud.

    Not convinced that they are actually worthwhile though!
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    Thanks for that. I was a bit concerned.
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    I have the allez elite too and yes they stick out a bit.

    I thought they were a gimmick until I had a quick ride of my mates Trek1.7. My bike takes a lot more road buzz and bumbs out of the ride while on the Trek I felt every bump.
  • I too have an Elite, and I hadn't really looked, but after quickly feeling all my Zertz inserts, I can safely say that they stick out about a millimetre each side on the front forks but not on the rear end or seat post.
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    I love my Zertz inserts (Roubaix Expert). They make a noticable difference to road noise, especially on long day rides (not that there have been many of them lately :evil: )

    They are to the older man what implants must be to the mature lady; a way of keeping you perky.

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    How can we say they make a difference or not ?
    Has anyone ridden the a frame with them, back-to-back with exactly the same frame but with 'solid' forks & stays without the inserts ?
    Perhaps Specialized have, but none of us here !

    But I do remember a review in one of the mags a couple of years ago where they'd pried-out the inserts and ridden the frame without them (i.e. with holes in it !), and they couldn't tell the difference...

    The ride of a Roubaix may be down to its geometry, carbon layup, etc in the basic frame and nothing to do with the Zertz.
    They may or may not make a difference, may be a wonderful invention or may just be marketing spiel.
    But we can't really isolate them and say they make the difference.
  • I would be interested to find out how such a smooth ride is achieved. I have an '08 Allez and am mystified by the way in which potholes and dodgy drain covers are easily soaked up.
    If it is not the zertz inserts, is it the carbon forks and seatstays?
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    Mine certainly don't soak up potholes, it is a nice ride on my Roubaix Elite but then it's also my first carbon road bike so I'd hesitate to say it's all down to the inserts.