Clip in pedals and Shoes - for under £100 all in?

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Picking up my first road bike in the week and need pedals. I'm new to clip in pedals but want the road bike for speed / commuting only so want the lightest clip ins I can afford and some suitable shoes. I appreciate for under £100 I'll have to buy entry level.

Are these any good:? ... 360031902/ ... 360032440/



  • See my just posted query re the Crank Bros pedals, which certainly look good and can be used with road and mtb shoes.

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    Both will be fine.

    I've had those shoes for a couple of years and not had any complaints.

    Go for it.
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    I use time A.T.A.C. pedals. They're only £35 for the cheap ones and they give a bit more float on the pedal than SPDs. Cleats wear down a little faster, but I find them preferable. ... 360022277/

    that leaves you up to £65 for shoes.
    FCN 4-6 depending

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    oh yeah...

    so I prefer MTB clip ins because I'm commuting and it means I can clip to either side. Also the metal cleats are better if I ever have to do any walking with them on.
    FCN 4-6 depending

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    How about Shimano 105 5610 spd-sl pedals? They're what have been recommended to me. Oh I see they're the one's you listed. Those are the shoes I have too. You'll be using the same as me.
  • E-bay those pedals probably get em new for a fraction of the cost, my M520 MTB pedals(wanted to make sure wasn't guna cac my-self before commiting to more costly measures) cost 9 quid :shock: 8)
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    I just picked up my first road shoe/pedal combo a couple of days ago. Got Lake cx105 shoes and Look Keo easy pedals (which are seriously light) for £37 and £24 respectively in the edinburgh bikes sale. Pretty pleased with both so far but i think the plastic look cleats will wear down before too long.
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  • Hi

    I got my first shoe/pedal combo last month they were ... 360033177/
    and ... 360011753/ and am happy with them.