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Got my Allez the other day and am already looking at changing the wheels for something a bit sexier and lighter along with so new tires, will probably just sell myother wheels then , what do you guys think? £200 is budget for the wheels i know fulcrum 5, and mavic aksium are within this price range, but have seen very mixed reviews on the aksiums and fulcrums. im 90 kg about 95 with kit and camelbak on (i know i know)

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    How about the RS 20's & a set of GP4000'S or Pro Race 3's ? - they're not "flashy", but they're light and strong enough to use as a budget training wheel - re. Shimano wheels, my R550's have been excellent rollers. I was originally shifting 80- 85 kg on them - been fine.
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    You could get a nice pair of Mavic Open Pros built on Ultegra hubs for the around the £200 mark. They would serve you well.....
  • i like both ideas! I will talk turkey at the local shop for sure as i had to stop twice to tighten a loose spoke on the awfull stock wheel that came with the bike tonight, this is going to be mentioned when haggling a deal............
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  • If i was to buy of the web would the wheels come with rim tape on and what tool do i need to remove the lockring from the cassette? I have 2 cossette tools and niether fit????!!! They must be fore sram lockrings
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  • Ok i got from my swinnertons stoke, a set of fulcrum 5's, an ultegra 12-27 cassette, 2x conti gatorskins and 2 tubes for just a smudge over 220 and they fitted the cassette there and then, indexing the new cassette wasa tw4t and i can't belive how hard it s to fot road tyres!!! I brok 2 nylon tyre levers doing it but now the bike is ready and looks pimp, i compared wheel wieghts and there is a noticable difference with them when held in my hands, the other wheels will no doubt be appearing on ebay soon.......
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  • Took the new hoops for spin today, gotta say big improvement! So stiff compared to those alex rims when out of the saddle on the hoods no noticable flex so i could run the brkes closer to the rims and my new cassette was running sweet after lots of fetling last night. tempted to go for another hour later as it looks like 6 days of rain ahead
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    The tyres were difficult to get on because you bought the worst combination.

    (Generally) Conti tyres + Fulcrum/Campag rims = nightmare to fit tyres.
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    good choice of wheels though - it comes up again and again that they are a good choice in that price range.

    Price sounds good from an LBS too

    got any pics of the newly pimped bike?
  • No pics yet. its rather fine looking though, what tyre goen on fulcrum rims easy just so i know come the next set?
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