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New Pads for my Yukon

gb155gb155 Posts: 2,048
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I have a hole in my paypal that just asking me to spend money, So I am looking on ebay for some new pads and rotors for my Giant Yukon 08, It takes a bit of a beating due to our harsh Northern weather, So getting ready for winter im stocking up in parts, So from Ebay whats the best pads and rotors I can get that are a direct replacement ?

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  • S_J_PS_J_P Posts: 908
    Does the Yukon use Giant MPH3 brakes? If so, they're Hope C2 clones, and the disc rotor is deeper than is the norm. You can fit standard discs (from virtually anyone), but the pads will overlap. It's probably best to stick to Giant or Hope rotors.

    Pad wise, I use Fibrax semi-metallic, and have no complaints with them, they last well, don't squeal too much, and are durable and reliable.
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