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I'm hoping to get my first road bike (moving over from the dark side of MTBs!) using the Cycle to Work scheme but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a LBS for east Kent in the vicinity of Sandwich up to Canterbury (I'm willing to travel slightly further afield but not too far) please.
I'm new to the Kent area and am not sure where the decent bike shops are and would be considering getting a Trek, Giant or Specialized bike under £1000.

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    Tibbs's in Canterbury centre do Trek and Giant; I've had good service from them whenever I've used them. There's also Downlands Cycles in Cbury, which my friends use very regularly and they rate them very highly.
  • I live in ashford and have i guess visited most shops in the local area, you have

    Activ in Folkestone Trek and Orange main dealer, i got my Fuel EX 8 from them, they have a good range of stock, but did have some probs a while ago in replacing their mechanic !! however my mate seems to think that is all sorted. However not too sure if they do the ride to work scheme ?

    Tibbs in Canterbury as stated they do Trek and Giant, have used them before to upgrade my drive train to XTR on my MTB did a good job, however IMHO they seem to stock the cheaper range of the bikes, ie you could walk in and buy a Fuel EX 9 or Madone, so i guess Activ are better in that respect. once again dont know if they do the ride to work scheme

    Downland cycles in Canterbury, they dont seem to stock the main types ie trek giant etc, however i think they do Felt bikes, they also have some extremely lovely looking but expensive carbon exotica from brands i have never really heard of but appear to be very good quality. What they do offer that the others dont if a full bike fitting service with special rigs they have to measure all the vital measurement, that in its own has got to be worth it !! I wish i had done that before buying my bike, so could be worth seeing what they have in your price range and how they can fit it to you, they seem to have a very extensive workshop and also give day lessons in all sorts of things like shock service, hydraulic brake servicing.


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    I think they're going to be too far for you, but I use these guys

    Highly recommended, very knowledgable and helpful. They're a Trek and Giant specialist too.


    Chris :)
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    Just to add, I tried to spend £1700 on a Wilier in Apollo Cycles in Tenterden, but they just didn't seem interested :?

    bought elsewhere in end...

    I know it's a long way for you, but just in case you thought about coming this way down.....
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    Only bought from Evernden Cycles in Paddock Wood but found the customer service brilliant I have to say.

    Recommend them every time for the Kent area, and as far as a bike goes, they're a major Giant dealer so that can't be bad.
  • +1 for Downland Cycles in Canterbury. I've said it elsewhere, but, hell, I think it's worth saying: very knowledgable and friendly. My tight budget meant that I didn't buy my bike there in the end (I only had around £500), but I'm sure they could sort you out for something around £1k - like the Kinesis Racelight that I was tempted by, which got a good write up in C+ a few months back. I get all my servicing/upgrades from there, though, and have always been impressed. Also let you ride all there bikes before buying, which Tibbs seemed reluctant to do...