Planet X SL Pro Carbon

barney1000 Posts: 16
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I was just wondering if anybody on the forum owns or has ridden the Planet X SL Pro Carbon.
I've been looking for reviews all over the net but can't find anything at all.
Interested in either getting the Focus Cayo or SL Pro but would like to hear a bit more about the SL before I make my mind up. Thanks.


  • I've got one, with the PX B wheels

    I think it's loverrrrrrrrly, but I am unable to compare it to anything else.

    Both the Cayo and the PX SL Pro are both highly thought of both here and Tri forums. I have yet so see a bad comment about either yet.

    If unsure I'd go for the best spec for the money. PX may still have a few of the £999 DA offer left, although if you want the DA brakes and chain etc... it'll be a couple of quid more.
  • lots of feedback on this frame on the TriTalk forums:all of it good: ... 34f5bd028b