Got my Cycle to Work Scheme Bike

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Just thought I'd let you all know that I picked up my (2008) Specialized Allez27 today with a load of other bits. My voucher only took about a week from signng the
Got some great advice frm a young lad in my LBS (West End Cyces, Colwyn Bay). So I'm now reasonably well kitted ot.
Really frustrated though that I can't take the bike out in this weather - especially as I haven't riden a road bike for 25+ years :shock: and it had SPD pedals etc........I'm likely to get blown off in this wind :(
Hope to loose a stone and a half so really need to start getting some gentle miles in.
Really enjoying visiting this forum - great, freindly advice....cheers


  • Nice bike, enjoy.
  • ris
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    nothing wrong with this weather... :D i took my new allez on a torrential commute yesterday when there was a perfectly dry train available, even though it meant a bit of time cleaning this afternoon.

    i wish i'd worn my waterproof trousers though, i had water run into my seal skinz socks so by the time i got home it was pretty manky!

    enjoy the bike, donut, i hope the north wales weather improves a bit for you.
  • Donut
    Donut Posts: 17
    Well, I just couldn't wait - went out for my first run today - just got back from a short 10 mile flatish ride just to see how I got on. Amazed at the difference going uphills. Pretty stow - averaged only 14mph but as I say just a first time out - and I'm reeeeeeeeally unfit.
    One problem I had though was that towards the end my calves started to crap up - it may be due to the different geometry of this bike or the clipless pedals - but I now knw why cyclists have calves of steel :D