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Hi all,

I've only had my bike (Scott S40) for about a month and I am totally new to riding. When I have it in the lowest gear possible it makes a very light noise when pedaling (I think it may be rubbing up against the chain guard). I took it to the LBS and they said that this is totally normal and that there's nothing wrong with my bike. They looked at it and had me hop on a trainer to make sure.

When in other gears, I can hear the chain spinning and pedaling sounds but nothing that sounds like metal is clinking together.

I'm a bit paranoid but I just wanted to make sure that this is right. It's my first bike and I'm a bit overprotective I guess you could say.




  • I get this now and then as well, when on the smallest sprocket and in the middle chain ring (I use a triple) and I'm pretty sure it's the chain rubbing on the derailleur in my case.
  • There is a finite level of adjustment available thru' the pairs of small screws in both front and rear mechs so that the chain does not rub the front derailleur when you have selected particular gears/sprockets. It should be possible to set the derailleur so that it never rubs when set on the largest sprocket/smallest chain ring and vice-versa. In between you can fine-tune the derailleur position so that it won't rub when in those gear ratios you favour, per chain ring, and only rubs if you use, for example, a too-small a sprocket when in the smallest chain ring (or vice versa...).
    Beware :shock: - the adjustment is minute and is rarely more than half a turn with the small screwdriver that's needed.
    Singlespeeds in town rule.
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    The burr of the chain over well-adjusted mechs on a night like tonight is well worth aiming for.