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couple of questions

Reme-teerReme-teer Posts: 39
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hi all,
I will be buying a bike next week have a few in mind as some of you may have seen in my "first bike" post in the buying section. However i have a couple more questions.

What other kit would i need to start with? Ive seen people saying get padded shorts but what exactly do they do?

Also does anyone have any suggestions for riding around Berkshire?



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Padded shorts, and lined shorts, offer extra comfort and reduce chafing. A good fitting saddle also recommended.

    As for other parts, helmet, puncture kit, allen keys, pump, hydration (ie a Camelbak) are the basics. Few other threads recently on this worth finding, with more comprehensive lists.
  • Hi Reme-Teer,

    Definitely get some padded shorts, they make a hell of a difference.

    This is a recent topic about what kit you might need as a new cyclist: ... t=12582142
  • Yeti575Yeti575 Posts: 291
    Don't skimp on a new jacket/trousers either. Worth spending the money and getting performance gear, especially with the winter coming!
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  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    You dont have to have the TOP gear, plenty of stuff available if you look around. Aldi's stuff is pretty well thought of for the money.
    Buy some sealskinz socks, even tho' they let water in around the cuff area, they are better than plain cotton.
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  • cheers guys, i thought padded shorts might of been for the falls which im bound to have :)
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