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No laundry service for company workwear, eligible tax relief

toshmundtoshmund Posts: 390
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Not too widely advertised, think it is to cover the wear and tear/cost of powder. ... ml?t=27967


  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    Most important aspect of this is that it is a uniform not a suit or jeans & t-shirt
  • I've never claimed, despite wearing self laundered uniform for the best part of 15 years now. I had advice that it opens a whole other can of worms regarding your tax and finances...
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  • downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
    Its a complete pain in the bum to get set up - if you're eligable.

    I've worked in NHS catering for 13 years and we were all told by our bosses we were eligable. Cue many of us being rejected on the grounds that we werent when we applied. :roll: Those that did get it (were young mothers I think) said it was only about 2 quid anyway. :?
  • Think the specifics are that it is a company uniform, with emblems/embroidered name on it, meaning that you would only wear the garment in the workplace. If the uniform includes trousers, they would be included too. I have never got around to it myself - but know people who have done the process. It used to be a £150 payment, nowadays - they alter the taxcode and think it works out about £45-£60 a year. You do get the 5 years backpay as well. That is from the single persons perspective. Do not know how the taxcode system maybe effected for the married bracket. Better than a kick in the nuts, although like Carlosthejackal said - very rare in this day and age that you are given something with one hand, without someone squeezing something with the other...

    Possibly more beneficial to anyone going through Uni' with a weekend job, in some fast food place. That kind of scenario.
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