How much drop do you have?

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Since I found out my carbon bike is "too big", I've been stressing about the massive headtube it's got, and not being able to get my bars low enough.

Currently I've got a 10deg stem on top of a 17.5cm (ish) headtube (55cm TT which is about right incidently) and I've got a drop from the top of my saddle to the top of my bars of 10cm. (My Ribble with a 11cm headtube, 6deg stem, 1in of spacers (again a 55cm TT) gives me a drop of 13cm.

What sort of drop do people have on medium (~54cm) size frames? Hopefully I can be convinced the bike fits if everyone has a similar drop.
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    I've got roughly 2 inches (4 spacers) on my 55cm TT Ribble which gives an 8 cm drop approx. I wouldn't say I'm overly comfortable on the Ribble but its a big improvement on the previous 57cm TT bike which was too big (I won't mention the brand :) ).
  • I run with a 79cm crank centre to saddle top, and a 4cm drop to the hoods.

    It's an upright position I've adopted due to a neck and collarbone injury but it works better for riding generally. I find it much easier to get the power out on climbs, and if I want to tuck out of the wind I just get on the drops.