Video problems xp, vista - both IE and Firefox.

Hi there,

I have consisent problems viewing some (but not all) of your videos on a number of computers. I'd say 1 in 5 freezes on me immediately after the advert.

I've tried xp (both Home and Professional - I know Im not meant to at work but hey!) with IE and firefox. I also have a Vista laptop with IE and Firefox that behaves exactly the same.

On all videos I can see the advert but immediatelty thats over it then freezes. A video that it happens on will always cause a problem even if I try tomorrow even if I change to IE / Firefox or even a different computer. On the same videos the same also happens on my employers corporate browsers .

An example of one that freezes is: ... %2Farticle

One that works: ... week-18366

It's drives me nuts (well I'm probably so disposed) so I end up avoiding all the videos which is a shame as there are some good ones.

Apart from that - great site - keep up the good work.



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    Thanks for this. We're looking into the cause of this and will let you know when it's fixed properly.