How fast?

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Being new to cycling I have many questions but one that I'd really like to ask is how fast , typically, does the peleton travel, on the relatively flat sections, in the grand tours?

I've been watching a bit of the Vuelta on Eurosport but they never seem to mention how fast they're going. I'm pretty sure it's very fast looking at the way they go around roundabouts – it’s incredible!


  • At the end of the stage they usually tell you the average speed for the day.
    At the finish line there are times up on the overhead gantry and there is sometimes a readout for av speed on there too.
    The speed is usually around 45kph for a flat stage but they will obviously be a bit slower if its lumpy, and the sprinters will hit 55-60+kph at the line.
    On serious descents.... :shock:
    Singlespeeds in town rule.
  • Cheers for that. That's pretty fast riding for four hours or so. Do they generally achieve that by grinding in the top gears or are they spinning in a lower gear?
  • spinning in a high gear :wink:
  • Ah I see. I guess I should've known that really. They're not pro's for nothing!!