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Working In Saudi

johnnyrottenjohnnyrotten Posts: 216
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This is a long shot, but has anyone ever worked in Saudi? I am looking at a career change. Saudi offers good money, low crime rate, family orientated living, and benefits from employers. (But not much biking).

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



  • I recently recieved a job offer to work out there in the telecoms/IT industry, basically double my salary and then a bit more, but then without the uk taxes!

    Ive spoken to my wife and family, wife wasnt sure but my family reckon its an awfull place for women to live. Ive heard there is a real clique thing going on within the complex and you basically live in each others space.

    If you dont mind living in a glorified jail with armed guards outside and a tank at the end of the street then go for it. I must say though ive never actually been there only been told by people who have lived there for short periods.

    Would also love to here some info from people with experience of this place.
  • I spoke to a guy yesterday, and he has just got back. Basically he gave me the idea. He came back because his wife didn't like the heat. He said the compound was great, and he had a really nice home. He also said the shops were great. He was teaching English and earnt a fortune doing homers for rich Arab kids. It sounded too good to be true. (You know what they say about that.) But you never know.
  • JR - Ive just had a quck scan of some web forums. The accomodation can be quite expensive if you cant negotiate this into your contract and schooling for kids is expensive.

    Women cant drive and need to wear a full length garment and headress. There are no cinemas, bowling alleys etc in towns only in the compounds.

    The £70k equivalent salary got me interested and thats untaxed, wife said I can go but she doesnt fancy it - dont really want to live out there without her to be honest so I doubt we will look into this at the moment.
  • I think that sounds okay. Women can't drive anyway!! She wouldn't mind i don't think. same with the clothes. I am fed up living in a 'street crime UK' culture, so I lke the idea of no booze.

    My fiancee is interested, and that is a good sign as she is far more intelligent and balanced than me! We are both Police Officers, so we could take a career break to try it out. If it didn't work out, we could go back to the grind.....

    I agree with not being happy to go without your wife. I couldn't do that either.
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