New bike - good frame or good groupset?

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I have posted in Gear/knowhow about specific bikes but for up to £1000 should I go for better components or frame. Example below.
I like the Bianchi 1885 veloce which is £1000.
The Bianchi Via Nirone can be had for £850 with veloce or £950 with mostly Ultegra.
Trek 1.9 with Ultegra for £1000.
Any thoughts.

Still thinking!


  • fizz
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    Frame IMHO, you can always replace the components to get it to how you want it later on once you have worn them out...
  • gkerr4
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    i'd have veloce over ultegra anyway - i know it is one below - but still i'd rather have it
  • doyler78
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    Get the bike that fits so that means frame because as fizz says you can replace the rest. Its harder to get comfort on something that really just doesn't fit you right.

    If you don't know what fits then spend £40 on a bike fit as you will get more benefit from that than you will by getting a slightly dearer bike :wink:
  • Rich Hcp
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    Frame, you can always upgrade....

    Giving it Large
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    frame every time. groupsets will come and go but a decent frame will last many, many years and can be retired to a training/winter bike later on if you go one better.