Fixing a Tricross Single

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Evening all, and hello... been lurking for a while, but now I've taken form.

I just picked up a Tricross Single on the spur of a cheap deal, and I'd like to fix it. Has anybody done this?

Ideally I'd like to have a different fixed ratio on either side of the hub, and I bought a 1/8 16T sprocket to get me started... So

- what do I need for the currently 'empty' side? - there is already a locknut on there, but it looks like if I simply pop the sprocket all the way on it will mess up the chain line. Should I use 2 locknuts so I can get precise positioning, or are there spacers available?

- can I remove the freewheel on the other side and pop on another sprocket (same locknut/adjustment q as above)? An ex-Spesh mechanic at a LBS told me I couldn't, but he'd be happy to build me a wheel with a double-ended fixed hub (!)



  • The fixed side of the hub will have a double thread, one for the sprocket (normal right hand thread)and the other for the lockring (left hand thread). Your fixed sprocket should be flat on one side and have a shoulder on the other side. It screws on shoulder side first leaving the flat side on the outside for the lockring to screw up against. If the frame and hub have been matched correctly (not always the case unfortunately!) the chainline should be ok.

    The freewheel side will have a single thread onto which you will be able to screw a fixed sprocket but you will not be able to use a lockring. The danger with that is that the sprocket might unscrew when back pressure is applied to the pedals although a lot of people ride like that without any problem. Do it up good and tight and then find a really steep hill to ride up to tighten it even further and you'll probably get away with it.
  • Thanks D, that's really helpful.