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661 kyle strait knee pads

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I've brought some 661 kyle strait knee pads in Large size and I've just tried them on this evening. They feel quite tight, and I'm wondering whether I should have gone for the XL size.

I suppose they need to be quite tight to stop them moving when I pedal. For those who have these pads, do they feel tight? Will I notice this when I am riding? Just looking for some advice before sending them back.



  • I got a L size which felt comfy, not too tight, but sent them back 'cos I thought they would twist around in a fall. I might still order the M size. My favourite riding shorts bunched up and sat above them though. Don't have this bother with my Dainese knee/shins (smooth plastic, not tactile material). I'd be interested in peoples views on sizing / tightness of fit also.
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  • thought mine were a bit tight in large, but when i go out i forget their on now. even after about 2hrs i dont really notice them. they have given a little bit. there is a sizing guide on their webby, but i couldnt work out where to measure so just went for it. i wear them for work sometimes(plumber) and have to take them off after a couple of hours of kneeling down, they def feel better when riding. had no problems with them slipping. just above the knee i measure about 17.5" and just below 15" but if i measure a bit further up, not alot from where im 17.5" im 19" so like i say didnt really know where to measure from. my mates got them as well and loves his too. two days after having them i went over the handlebars on dartmoor and landed on a lump of granite knee first. wont go out without them now. also no probs with shorts, ive got little legs so my shorts are always over my knee and dont bunch up. suppose its down to what fit your shorts are?
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