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Waterproof trousers

Nick6891Nick6891 Posts: 274
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i have noticed even when you have high quality waterproof trousers if you have shorts on and the trousers dont have an inner lining then water still condenses against your leg and to be honest you end up just as wet, anyone got any ideas on how to stop it, i have heard waterproof socks are just easier and better, but would wearing long trousers help as then they wouldnt be against your leg direct?


  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Long Johns?
  • I have to admit, the wet weather has made me re-assess what I use on and wear on the bike. I have recently fitted sks raceblades on the summer ( :shock: ) bike and bought a new windproof /waterproof top thing.
    BUT, I sweat a LOT when riding and, like you, I get just so wet inside the top (and my overtrousers) after a while that I have to question the wisdom of wearing them at all.

    I think it comes down to the ambient temperature for the ride: if its a warmish day, sod the wet weather kit (apart from overshoes) but if its cold, then even tho' you're wet inside the clothing, its evenly distributed thru the fibres and acts as a warm layer.....
    UNITL YOU STOP - then you can get cold quickly.
    As in all things, its a balancing act.
    I also go fishing and I wear marino longjohns under lined trouses when wading and they are always very damp when I get out, but I don't notice it until then.
    Singlespeeds in town rule.
  • hmm i might just get some long johns for when its cold and just wear waterproof socks when its warm, but its not warm often, especially now we are going into winter
  • MoonCircuitMoonCircuit Posts: 93
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    Make sure you buy BREATHABLE waterproofs. They cost at least £15 for trousers. Non breathable ones are totally unsuitable for cycling because you will be soaking from sweat.
    Cycling, it has it's ups and downs.
  • mine cost £50 i was making sure i bought some good ones
  • Don't wear them! Either wear shorts, or if it's cold breathable warm leggings!
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