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What are the advantages of Reynolds 631 over 531?

If the choice was there would you chose 531 over 631?

Any info much appreciated.


  • The higher up the numbers the lighter and stronger the frame. Thats what I'm told, so please don't shoot the messenger! The person who told me, rides steel bikes, is an engineer and works in a bike shop. I'd trust him.
    Personally I'd look towards 851 or even 951 if budget allows...
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  • Six three one is stronger than 531 by 10%. 853 is a heat-treated version. 631 is probably more readily available than 531, though I think it is only made as main tubes. Ideally, the material strengthens after brazing making the joins stronger than other tubesets. And it is suitable for TIG welding.

    I wouldn't agree that the bigger the number the stronger the frame. The metal may be stronger, allowing the frame tubing to be thinner. You might end up with frames of equal strength only one is lighter...


    (Gary, did you get a Schmidt wheel on ebay recently?)
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    Yes I did get that Schmidt wheel ironically I only started looking for one that day. It was a good deal. Thanks for the tubing info.
  • Are you looking to get a frame built up?

    BTW, That was a serious bargain. I saw it, but thought it was too good to be true. I shoulda taken the gamble. Having said that I found one in a skip in an MA40 rim.

    Also, are you still on the hunt for 650B rims?
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    You were lucky to find one skipped.

    The wheel came with two 700/28c Vittoria Roma tyres which look good but I have never heard of. Plus the lights which were bagged up SJSC labels. I rang the shop selling and they gave me the hub number K 179 which I recognised as the SON 28. I just worked out that that lot would have cost £40 for rear and £30 for front lamp, £25-30 for the tyres, the hub you can get for £110, plus rim spokes and build? I was thinking that lot was roughly £250 wasn't sure as you can probably get wheel build deals somewhere. If I was having the hub built I would have done it on a touring rim but as it is it will work out well on a fixed commuter. Basically i have discovered that I need a shorter top tube and also I tend to ride frames that are an inch too large. mistakenly thinking that they are my size. The up shot is I have decided to reduce the stable.

    I have a number of frames and bikes that I will sell to fund a custom frame. Mercian are my first choice maybe a Strada fixed with touring geo.

    It's a shame as I would rather keep everything but I can't. I have a Mercian Strada Speciale 653 waiting to be built but again I bought this too large it's 60cm I bought it 3 years ago and have just completed collecting a Centaur group set with Chorus hubs. So if the Mercian fixed goes ahead I may get a road bike frame set built as well.

    Also been doing a R20 folder fixed gear project and now just taken on a Royal Enfield Revelation. So I am really looking for 451 alloy rims as a priority but I have a Trek 310 Elance that I was thinking of converting as a 650B bike.

    Rivendell are doing a set of wheels for $250 wish you could get that sort of a deal here.

    If a set of rims came up that were a good price i would consider them.

    Ideally I should have 2 bikes plus a street bike max.
  • Yeah, I was very lucky. It was unused.

    Gilles Berthoud sell rim RIGIDA ZAC 19 650B rims for £38 each.
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    Thanks for that tip I forgot about that store. They have quite a quirky web site. I always end up there when I have been looking at Alex Singer bikes. Maybe I should cash in evrything shelve the Mercian plan and get an Alex Singer?