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Re-tapping shimano brake adjuster

jcukjcuk Posts: 15
edited September 2008 in Workshop

I've got a rear shimano 105 caliper where the brake adjuster has seised and been sheered off. I've managed to drill out the majority of the old one but need to re-tap the threads. Does anybody know what threads brake adjusters use? I dont think its metric as the external thread size looks about 5.5mm even though the pitch matches 1mm (i.e. ~1/25"). Looking up some thread sizes this means candidates could be BA1 or UNC #16. I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as M5.5, but I'm prepared to be corrected. Any ideas?


  • jcukjcuk Posts: 15
    Problem solved. My M5 tap was in such bad condition that it woudnt fit the lock nut on the adjuster. A new M5 tap confirms that the thread is in fact M5 and not the (no existant) M5.5 thread I thought it was. Sorted
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