Focus Mares Cross vs Pinnacle Expede 1.0

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I'm moving from a road hybrid to a cyclocrosser for a number of reasons, hopefully they're good ones. I was wondering if anyone could give me an opinion on the following bikes. I'm going to be using it 70% for commuting (on VERY bumpy roads) and a bit for more off-road, trails etc. The odd not-taken-too-seriously cyclocross race will probably happen and it needs to be capable of doubling as a not-at-all-serious triathlon bike once or twice a year.

Pinnacle Expede (on sale at £800) - seems to me to have a great ride for my commute, although it's on the pricey side. Pretty capable on the trail side. This is currently my favourite as I don't think I'm going to be doing enough hard racing to notice the lack of stiffness.

Focus Mares Cross (on at around £650) - great spec for that price, but it's likely to cause me untold agonies on my ride to work. Otherwise seems like the one to go for.

To be honest, price isn't a huge issue (as it's spread out over 12 months through the UK cycle to work scheme).

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts! Many thanks.


  • hi
    I'm having the same dilema I want to ride on the road but keep up with my son on the MTB. Have you considered the Specialized Tricross although the 2009 colours are awful brown, white and black. What were they thinking about!!! I have also had good inside info that Merida are expanding their current line up and including a couple of new cyclocross bikes. Might be worth waiting to see what they come up with. Good luck with your search
  • My impression is that the Specialized Tricross Comp has been pretty well accepted, but that's a fair bit more ££ than I'm looking at. The Specialized Tricross Sport has not been so well reviewed - all the forums are full of people saying "It's a good bike once you've changed the brakes, the tires, the gears" etc.

    Don't know where you're based, but in the UK Evans Cycles has the Pinnacle Expede on at £800, which seems a bargain, and it's the one I'm currently plumping for. Went out for a play the other day and it was great fun. Good looking bike as well.

    Will have a go on the Specialized Comp today or Monday and will let you know.
  • i'm near Bristol and had a scoot around in the local Evans on a Pinnacle. It felt light and easy to ride even around the shop. As far as changing the the various parts on the Tricross goes purists will always find somthing not quite right. The components used seem to be the same on most bikes in the same price range. Even this website in the section offering advice and comparisons of cyclocross bikes says the Tiagra chain set is the best for cyclocross because of the clearence it allows. I've not riden one though and so can't really judge the alleged associated problems.