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anyone got a recommendation for tape for my bars i am less than dextrous and i am really struggling to find any reels long enough.
I have taen them to 3 or 4 local bike shops and all of them have said " i am sure this is long enough" and looked extremely convincing, like a muppett i believed them and each time i have been running out about 4" from the end.
Am I a sucker for bad info or just a klutz when it comes to binding bars?


  • redddraggon
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    You mustn't be wrapping it right, I always end up cutting a bit off even with wide bars.
    I like bikes...

  • KM2
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    Scott drop ins have a section on the bottom equivalent to the tops of normal bars so I doubt if you will get any tape.
    How about a diffrent colour above and below the levers, using the levers to hold it in place.