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new rider, sort of

shamelessshameless Posts: 3
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Thought i'd say hi and introduce my self

Used to do a lot of xc but had loads of problems with my knee so not been on the bike for about 7 years now. Had reconstruction on it last month after a motocross crash at the begining of the year (op number 4).
It feels so strange getting back on a bike after so long, it's like learning to ride all over again!
Gave the bike a bit of a service and took it out for a quick ride today, learned how unfit i am and how week my knee is, only managed half a mile but it's a start.
Got a Marin eldridge grade (although the frame and wheel's are the only original parts on it), might be a bit old but it's fine to start me off again.

Any way thats me, slow and unfit for now but that'll soon change.

Hope to see some of you lot out on the track soon


  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Welcome to the forum mate. I've been cycling on-and-off for many years and coming back even after a short break is always tough. Stick with it but don't beat yourself up and have some fun !
  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    Welcome back, just keep building yourself up and you'll get there 8)

    Giving it Large
  • cheers guys.
    I'll get there in the end, looking forward to getting off-road again, loads of it around where i live.
  • Stick at it dude, you'll love it. I've been back mtb'ing from my teens about 10 years ago (26 now) and it's great to get back on the bike again!

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