Shimano, Colorado, BTT - What is my Bike???

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Hi all, I am new to this site and have been advised by a friend to get in touch to see if anyone here knows what my bike could be!!

I have been trawling through my parent's garden shed and found my Dad's old bike that he no longer wants. The frame appears to be in good nick and does not have any rust on it but the breaks, tyres, hub, gears, wheels and handlebars look like they need replacing.

The only words on the frame are "Shimano" on the top tube, "colorado" on the down tube and "BTT" on the seat stay. The gears state that they are shimano 515. I have trawled google to find info on this bike but I can't find anything about it.

Does anyone out there know anything about this bike? If so, is the frame any good and is it worth me doing up the bike so that I can use it as a commutor and day trip bike? Or is just worth scrap?

Photographs or any additional info (if i can find any) can be given.




  • Well BTT stands for MTB in Spanish, but I doubt that's of any help. :?
  • Are you sure the gears aren't SIS rather than 515? They are probably at the budget end of shimano components and it probably follows that the frame and the rest of it are at the same quality level as you generally don't find cheap components on expensive frames or expensive components on cheap frames.
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