Specialized Myka Elite or giant yukon

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Hoping someone could help me out hear with a choice of bike. I dont have too much cash prob £400 max so have been looking at the womens giant yukon which is £240 and the Specialized Myka Elite £350 both in the sale. Im only a beginner and have tried the yukon which I really like but is the myka worth the extra cash as as dont know that much about specs and stuff?? I plan to get into trails so any advice on these or recommendations for other bikes much appreciated.



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    If you like the ride and feel of both bikes, the Myka is worth the extra, a very good bike for that money.
  • i have a mika, i love it!!! but i've only ever had specialized bikes! this is my second bike and my first women's spec! It feel light and easy to chuck about (i am 5'3" and have a 15" frame)
    my mum rides a giant but mens spec, i find it too bulky compared to mine but prob to do with the wmns/mens frame and size!!!!
    The spec price can also depend on spec, i generally compare brakes and forks to decide!!!

    best thing to do is see if u can take them for a test ride!!!

    hope this helps xxxxx