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Hi all

I've no doubt that you have been asked this question a million times so apologies in advance.

I am a complete beginner and I have a budget of around £300 to spend of a bike. Is £300 a realistic budget for a bike (I am more than happy to purchase a 2nd hand bike) or am I being a little optimistic in assuming that I can acquire a bike for this cost ?

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    Welcome Craig. HAve a look at this thread

    Some info there, especially re: Decathlon bikes. You may be able to get a decent bike in the current sales - £399 gets you a good bike like this, or one of the Revolution range from Edinburgh Cycle Co-Op like this one for £349 (not in the sale).

    £300 secondhand should get you something more decent, though it may take a little while to find something that you want in the right size, but if you have time on your hands this is the way to go, for example this one on eBay though the final price could be much higher.
  • You can certainly pick up a good second hand entry level road bike for that price on ebay or your local paper.
    New ones tend to start at maybe 400-500 quid for the same sort of entry level road bike such as a specialized allez for example.
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  • If the £300 is for the bike alone then you'll be able to get one, but if you're going to be spending this money on a bike and the kit too then you may struggle, as it's a lot more expensive than many people realise. I have a Be One Briza 1.0 from Chain Reaction Cycles (link's below) which is on there for £320 now and that's been fine for me, and you could probably find some second hand ones that'll do you for that price. ... goryID=862
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    Second hand is probably the best route if you can be patient enough for the right one to come along.

    Get the bike first and worry about the rest of the gear later. You will undoubtedy need some padded shorts and a helmet (up to you) fairly soon but get the rest of the kit when you can afford it . Best to make sure you enjoy cycling first....
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