Knee pain, any advice?

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Hi, i am not completely new to cycling, but i am not experianced on a bike. Recently, for no reason that i can find, the outside of my right knee has been hurting. I've had a s similar problem when i used to run but a series of stretching dealt with the problem. However, the stretching i've been doing this time hasn't seem to make much difference, i have adjusted my cleats, moved my saddle back and raised the handle bars but to no avail. I still find that after around 20 minutes i can feel my knee starting to hurt.

Any advice is greatly welcomed as this is stopping me enjoying my cycling and restricting me a lot.

Thanks in advance!


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    Those crazy BikeRadar Boys must have read yer thoughts... Have you checked these out?

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  • I have had a look through these and found thier bike adjustments particularly interesting but i have been off the bike for a week or so and i can still feel the pain even when i am not cycling. Because of this i have had to stay off the bike so until i get back on to the bike i can't see if these adjustments will work to prevent a repeat. I've been resting and stretching but it does seem to be getting any better. Has anyone had experiance of how long before i should be touching the bike again? As it stands i have had about 2 weeks of very easy cycling and about 5 days without any cycling at all and have been stretching regularly but i can still feel i have a problem, how long should this take to clear up?
  • I've been the bike for 3 months with my knee. It is basically a strong lateral muscle and weak medial muscle pulling my patella tendom. It was giving me pain every time I pedalled and even walking up the stairs. I have been seeing a physio for two months and I think (hope!!!) it is sloooowly getting better. I can do about 10 mins on a bike trainer every two days with strapping. Been a very very frustrating time. I am not convinced that simple physio and exercises will do the trick therefore I have an appointment with a consultant in two weeks.
  • I suffer from the same problem, its called ITBS. Its particularly bad when I run but I do suffer from it occasionally when I cycle. See if it sounds like what you have then at least you can put a name to your condition and better treat it.

    There's a host of videos on youtube. I bought a rolling mat which I've been using lately that I hope has been helping.

    I should stress that there's a difference between diagnosing the problem early and doing something to stop it, and actually causing an injury. When I was running I got it so bad that I basically had to stop running for a couple of months. However with the cycling I got the beginnings of it and it had gone completely within 3 or 4 days.

    I should stress that it could also be down to an ill fitting or poorly set up bike, I guess you should play around with the saddle and cleats until you're comfortable, maybe even go to a specialist.

    But I should point out, if you've already caused an injury, no amount of fiddling with seat position is going to make the pain go away, you have to let it recover.