New Trek 2009 Range

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I only got into bikes in Feb and brought a Trek 1.7 in March.

Noticed the new trek range looks so similar to 2008 models.

I'm kinda happy that the 2009 trek 1.7 has downgraded the rear to 105 from utegra. Why they did this i dont know and am not kean on the colours yet.

Does anyone know if they changed the frames at all??

I really wanted a madone, everyone asks is it a madone or carbon bike, pees me off now.

I like the old 6.9 Pro, but not too keen on the colours of the new one. Might go for the old 2008 model and get it in USA. Its a lot cheaper if you dont pay tax when u bring it home.

Is the 2009 madone models that much better.


  • biondino
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    Prices have gone up a lot - parts, materials, especially transport. So the bike manufacturers have to cut costs or raise prices. Ideally they'll be able to do this without passing it onto the customer, but it's pretty hard to do. So most manufacturers have to decide whether they want to reduce their profit margins, raise prices, or reduce spec. Trek, it seems, have decided the latter is the best bet. And 105 is a pretty solid groupset - it's not like Ultegra is the top of the pile itself.