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My new bike (Felt Z70) arrived safe and sound today and I am in love with it already. The only slight problem though is that it has a number of warning stickers on it (including one which says 'This bike is not street legal'!). Does anyone know of a safe way to remove these without damaging the paintwork?


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    Hi Tony.

    If you Page Down a bit you'll see a question I posted about 'Stickers'. I haven't had the hairdrier out just yet and will probably try it out on the most inconspicuous sticker first.
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    Found it thanks. Let me know how you get on.
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    Ive got a felt z65 and I just peeled them off nice and slowly; no big issue
  • I hate these stickers. The ones on the wheels of my new bike were the daftest and most over the top I've ever seen. "Overuse of these wheels may lead to catastrophic failure and could result in serious injury or death". What constitutes overuse? How do I know when I've overused them? Bloody scaremongers!

    They tend not to be under laquer and are mainly made of a plastic/vinyl so just get a fingernail under one corner and peel away.
  • Yep ,should just peel off. I had one on my lads new Felt MTB and it cam off fine with no residue.
    What does it mean by not street legal???
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    I assumed it meant it wasn't legal as it doesn't have reflectors on
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    Oh and here's Wiggle's advice:

    I am sorry to hear that some stickers were left on the bike. Please be assured that they do peel off safelyy without damage. The best advise is to peel them very slowly and carefully.

    With regard to the content of the stickers, this can be disregarded in the UK as the message refers to legislation in other parts of Europe regarding reflectors.
  • WHen i got my Felt Z65 first thing off were the stickers and reflectors, and the plastic dinner plate between the cassette and spokes.
    Stickers peeled off dead easy, no problems
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