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newbie needing jumping advice

hardtail100hardtail100 Posts: 23
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hi im new to mtbin nd most my m8s rid bmxs so i tend to spend lots of time at jumps. And i was wonderin if anyone has advice as when i jump i tend to come of the pedals but i dnt no why. could it be from my technique or are my shoes just not grippy enough,should i get new pedals. if it makes any diffrence i ride a diamondback m05 hardtail

p.s. is it worth spendin money on some shin gaurds and if so what ones they need to be within a £10-£30 range


  • Push back with your feet and twist forwards with your hands. This helps lift the back wheel.

    There's a jumping topic further down the list. Try looking in there for more advice.

    Wearing a pair of jeans would be cheaper than buying pads.

    I find that flat pedals with pins and skate type shoes with flat, soft rubber soles work best.

    Your bmx mates should be able to help you as jumping technique, pedals and shoes are the same for bmx and mtb.
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  • type bikeskills on youtube and it should come up with a list of mtb intructional videos. one of them is on jumping.

    here is the link so you don't have to search.
  • thanx guys i will try it out wen i go 2 th jumps nxt nd will hav a lk at th vid i will come bak to u wen i hav try it to c if i was sucessfull
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