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Specialized Myka elite

linsenlinsen Posts: 1,959
edited January 2009 in Women
I have just taken one of these out for a spin and have bought it. In the 24 hours before I get to sit on it again, I will naturally panic as to whether I have done the right thing! I generally buy men's bikes as they are more available and I have quite a rangy frame, but this was a dream to ride (in my 15 minute test spin anyway!). Does anyone own one of these or have a view? I must say I quite liked the mud colour of it - appeals to my practical side!!
Emerging from under a big black cloud. All help welcome


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If you have tested it, and like it, nothing more to say! Best thing to do, whether a man's or womens bike.
  • Just enjoy !!!

    I got a spec 2 yrs ago i was lucky to have the bike for a whole week end so went out around the Dales, but like you i wondered if i'd done the right thing. But it's still going strong.
  • i love mine!!! It has butterflies on it so feels girly!!!!!!

    I had a hardrock first then upgraded to this, the difference in wmns spec is great, my back doesn't hurt anymore when going up hill (from reaching too far forwards!!)

    hope you'll love it as much as i do xxxx

    have fun
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