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Presta Valve Length

mihangelmihangel Posts: 15
edited August 2008 in Road beginners
Can someone please advise best presta valve length for Alex DA22 rims. I have difficulty connecting pump (hand or track) due to the apparent short length of protrusion of the original valves?



  • weyayemanweyayeman Posts: 1,141
    Hi Mike theres different length valves from 36mm 42mm 52mm and 60 mm as Im not sure about your rims check the valve length you have then decide what you need.heres a guide only ... ONTTUBE300
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  • mihangelmihangel Posts: 15
    Thanks Weyayeman,

    The protrusion from the rim is about 24mm (above knurled nut) so I gues it's 36mm or 42mm. So if I go for 60mm i will have to be careful not to put any undue lateral force when connecting pump.


  • I don't have deep section wheels, but I always buy tubes with long stem valves. Just easier.
  • mihangelmihangel Posts: 15
    Cheers Andrew,

    I'll follow your lead on that.
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