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starsky007starsky007 Posts: 185
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Can anyone tell me if a polar cs300 hrm computer is worth the cash?.
Im after a new computer for my bike as i lost my other one 2 wks ago on a ride.
what about a garmin 705?.
can anyone recommend the best.
nice new giant trance 3
also ht coyote
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  • HolyzeusHolyzeus Posts: 354
    I'm using a 205, excellent as a computer as no cables etc
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  • the LIDL cycle computer is a bargain at £20 - and it has heart monitor, average/max speed, distance, temperature and altitude. And it's wireless! At £20 it doesn't really matter if it gets broken or lost!

    I've had mine for ages now and it is still going strong...
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  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Bought mine from ALDI for £12.99 it has 32 functions including a hart rate monitor plus it's wireless. I've done a few hundred kilometres of pretty mucky riding and it's holding up.
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  • BmjboyBmjboy Posts: 680
    Well "The Best" has got to be the Garmin Edge 705, although I have the 305 and its superb! - GPS data logging so you can see where youve been, brilliant.
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  • I have a Garmin edge 705 with Topo map of the UK and have to say it has been a great purchase.

    Not only does it do the normal bike computer stuff with heart rate strap etc but with the mapping and GPS you just don't get lost any more. Totally takes the anxiety of being stuck in a forest or wondering which way to turn next when following a route. Went to Swinley a while back and just put the car as a waypoint, went exploring with the local map and the GPS map showed the bridleways so was easy to see where you were. At the end of our day simply followed the bridleways back to the motor. A couple of friends went on their own and got lost a few weeks later so am glad we had this along.

    Unless you got a route uploaded spot on then always have the paper version with you.

    Expensive but has transformed going out and trying new routes as finding ones way is very easy.
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